MEATEQ grinder 200 is used for grinding products of frozen or fresh products such as meat, fat, fish, bone, slaughterhouse offal etc.

MEATEQ grinders serie 200 are equipped with a generous sized hopper.

MEATEQ grinders serie 200 has a capacity of grinding aprox up to 10 ton/hour depending on feed speed, type of products and size of holes in hole plates.
MEATEQ grinders are fitted with a moisture-proof IP54 standard motor, gearbox, V-belt transmission and electric starting equipment. The grinders have strong bearings for axial pressure.

MEATEQ grinders are equipped with a saftey guard over the outlet as standard and security switches for the guard and service doors.

MEATEQ grinders serie 200 have knife sets with a diameter of 210 mm. The hole plates and knifes are available in most existing diameters and knife designs depending of products to be ground. The grinder has a choice of one or two knife system depending on the product to be ground.

Motor 400 V up to 37 Kw / 50 Hp
► Extra hopper.
► Trolley for feed screw.
► Feed screw made of stainless steel.
► Loader for standard bins.
► Motor alternative.
► Melting tube.

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