MEATEQ Grinder / Mincer type G333 are made of stainless steel EN 1.4301 or partly made in mild steel and painted. Grinder G333 is used for grinding products such as meat, fat, fish, bone and slaughterhouse offal etc.The grinder have generous size of the feed hopper 350 liter and self feeding feedscrew with diameter 302 mm. Capacity up to 15 ton/hour depending on feeding, type of products to be ground and size of hole plates. Meateq grinder type G333 are equipped with safety guard over outlet with mechanical or electric security lock. MEATEQ grinder type G333 are equipped with IP54 standard motor up to size till 90 kw / 125 Hp, and standard parts of gearbox, drive pulleys and V-belts. Around the drive coupling for feed screw are adjustable and inter changable box packings for minimum of leak.

MEATEQ Grinder type G333 are delivered with knife set of 1 pcs precutter, 2 pcs knife and 2 pcs holeplate. It is possible to use a separate distance ring to use 1 pcs precutter, 1 pcs knife and 1pcs holeplate. This depends on type of products and how fine it will be ground. Holeplate diameter 333 mm. Weight of grinder Meateq G333 is approx 2000 kg.

Motor 400 V up to 90 Kw / 125 Hp
► Extra feed hopper.
► Trolley for feed screw.
► Feed screw made of stainless steel.
► Loader for standard bins.
► Electric start equipment.
► Motor alternative.
► Melting tube.

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